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There’s spin and then there’s lies

Bob Simpson will say just about anything to attack the leadership of the NDP.  It’s as straightforward as that.  And it’s one of the big reasons he’s not in caucus.  This is not a new problem. Here’s an example.  Simpson … Continue reading

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The Gazetteer has the goods on Craig James

Oops.  Craig James’ new rules don’t work retroactively.

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The BC Rail plea bargain: The question that hasn’t been asked.

How did the offer of a deal to David Basi and Bob Virk come about?  That’s the question nobody’s asked. On the day the deal became public, Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino said he never saw the final offer until 9:40 … Continue reading

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I go out for two hours and what happens? Craig James screws the recallers on behalf of Liberal MLA (that wasn’t three words I just typed, was it?) Ida Chong and Finance Minister Colin Hansen reveals he was lying when … Continue reading

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BC Rail – what are they hiding? Cont.

Surpise, government minions have disallowed my FOI request for the BC Rail documents.  They argue the court proceedings are still alive although the appeal dates have passed.  But they won’t tell me what’s alive about them.  Under Section 3 (1) … Continue reading

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Weak parties or strong progressive government?

That’s the choice Tom Perry was one of the worst cabinet ministers in the Harcourt government. Following the 1991 election Premier Mike Harcourt handed Perry the post-secondary portfolio.  The Vander Zalm government had just left the new government an undisclosed … Continue reading

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The opposition is a small operation compared to the Liberal government.  There are almost six times as many employees in the Public Affairs bureau as there are in all of the opposition caucus.  And PAB spins for the government every … Continue reading

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Playing it forward

“The NDP gets knives out… they credit the party leader with doing a good job of rebuilding the party…but cannot take it to victory.” “There is some perception of lack of depth which seems to hurt…” “Discontent rumbling in NDP… … Continue reading

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A heartfelt thanks…

And a shout out to the many readers who sent me good wishes.  Grant G and Guy in Victoria, best of luck with the tube. Thanks, Ian

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Where’s the beef?

Sorry for the lack of posts… But with so little material… It’s medical week and today’s the MRI tube.  Then it’s back to the blogging…

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