According to plan

Liberals have five point lead over NDP.

It’s all going according to plan…. Wait, there is no plan.

And I know the barrage of attacks will follow but consider this, no matter how it’s spun the pattern is still “attack the leader, numbers fall; kill the leader, voters pick another party”.   And why wouldn’t they?

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  1. Rod Smelser says:

    Ian, I think with some of the dump the leader people, you’re right, they had no plan, and will be a bit weirded out by polling figures like these.

    But I don’t that applies to all of them, certainly not the smarter, in-the-know ones. I have a feeling they didn’t want the NDP to win this time, and fragging the leader was just a part of a larger, longer term game plan that reaches out to 2017 and beyond. Deliberately blowing the next election is part of that scenario. Here’s another part. A new leader is chosen in late Spring. After a few months, the resignations from Caucus begin anew, as more and more “principled” MLAs discover — to their horror! — that they just cannot take it any longer, the new leader is proving to be just as weak and tyranical as Carole James.

  2. Francis says:

    Your loyalty to Carol James is um… incredible? Unbelievable? Insincere? polling at btwn 22 and 30 percent in the polls always miles behind her party. Well, you will be glad to know that we no longer blame her for anything (except staying at the party after midnight and not showing the leadership necessary to have a leadership convention asap to ready the party for the spring election) we blame you for bitching and moaning instead of moving on to win the next election. If that’s the best you can do you might as well go sit in the truck.

  3. chris chilton says:

    I read that Bill Tieleman continues to contrast recent NDP support at 47% to a 25% approval rating for Carole James. Can’t do this — it’s the old apples-to-oranges comparison. The 25% is actually 37% when the undecided is dropped as is done with the party vote. What’s more the 47% includes “leaners”. Angus Reid doesn’t show what percentage are leaners. A reasonable assumption is that it’s enough to bring the firm NDP vote down closer to 40%. Now, that’s a more objective picture. But then again, Tieleman knows this. It just doesn’t bolster his smug view about BC politics and his mutual admiration with the 13.

  4. Ian says:

    Exactly right, Chris. As a mentor should be.

  5. bgreen says:

    given the polls plus or minus 4.5% accuracy, the headline is certainly deceiving. More accurate to say the parties are tied.
    With the msm slowly picking up the bc rail scandal lets see if the lieberals keep their support

  6. Linda says:

    It is very distressing that a rag-tag group of MLAs through public criticism and intimidation have forced the democratically-elected NDP leader to resign. What did the dissidents think would happen? Or did they think? The members I talk to are angry, disgusted, puzzled and ashamed to call themselves New Democrats. Morale is at an all-time low. And meanwhile the Provincial Executive of the party prefers to sweep all this under the rug and hopes we have short memories. Since there will be no consequences for those who ignored our governing Provincial Council and constitution, it will be no surprise if the next Leader faces the same problems. How can any member have faith in a party where a minority refuses to act in accordance with our common set of rules and is allowed to do so by the executive?

  7. Rod Smelser says:

    Linda, I agree that the next leader — even if chosen from among The Thirteen — will face the very same facts of life. That’s why I believe that all we have seen up to now is just the tip of the iceberg, large as that has proven to be.

    I think the only way this kind of destructive behaviour makes any rational sense is as part of a longer term, multi-year game plan in which the NDP as presently constituted is not slated to be among the survivors. Some kind of “VisionBC” vehicle emerging from the wreckage in five or so years is probably the ultimate objective. The Reform/Alliance/Conservative shuffles of the 1993-2003 period is prehaps a rough model for the kind of tear down and rebuild that some people have in mind.

  8. Sandra says:

    Thank you Chris, for pointing out the extorting of the facts, with which Bill is so fond.

  9. Mark says:

    Chris – well said. Francis- it stopped being about Carole “a long time ago” (i.e. the day she resigned). It instantly became about the NDP’s elector chances being destroyed. The polls, like Ian, are being honest – and what they already say pretty clearly (at least among the voters who matter – the leaning New Democrat voters in the 39 to 45% range, as in the 3% of British Columbians who choose if the NDP gets to form government or not) is: “hey, so about all that goodwill you took to bring us back over the last ten years – you just pissed it away”. The new ceiling is 40% and that won’t be good enough to form government. Convince the 3% who matter otherwise. Good luck.

  10. Grant G says:

    Merry Christmas Mr> Reid…All the best for you and yours.

    I hope we are all on the same team in the future.

    No hard feelings remain with me, we at the Straight Goods vent a little and move on.

    I offer up a Toast…..To Victory!….Clink clink of glasses and bottoms up.


  11. Laila Yuile says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Ian, I hope you are feeling well! I have a special Christmas greeting and the Liberal Christmas Carol for you and your readers over on my site….

  12. Archibald Alexander Leach says:

    Ian, not enough rum in your egg nog over the holidays? Respectfully, the bitterness is really unbecoming.

    It’s no secret that your pocket of political capital was entirely invested in Carole’s corner, but I think that the mourning period in politics has a rather short shelf life and you are pushing well into sour milk territory – especially in the context of the holiday season. Does the NDP really need a political grinch commentating through this leadership race?

  13. Archibald Alexander Leach says:

    If i read in between the lines of this most recent complaint you seem to be saying its frustrating that the interests that pushed for opening up a leadership race weren’t more of an organized concentration of power with longer term plans. damn those decentralized coups with democratic agendas, eh.

    Given you ought to have been familiar with the 13, I have a hard time believing you were not aware of their ideological plurality. There plan in short didn’t appear to have a shared agenda beyond opening up the party to a renewal process and addressing the mold starting to grow around the rather top-heavy tree fort you were a member of.

    But haven’t we had enough of these debates about yesterday?

    One thing is for certain: We are where we are today. None of the blame game narratives offer us much value at this point. If we move forward with some grace, and turn up the volume on our economy of ideas our poll numbers will most certainly find the spark upwards. If we dwell and continue to squabble about the past we will have passed up the re-start opportunity that the Liberals are currently embracing and gaining ground with.

  14. Akat says:

    Seriously, Dana Larsen is running! Who could have planned it better? Many thanks to Bill Tieleman, Bob Williams, Bob Simpson, Jenny Kwan, Jim Sinclair and the many Liberals who worked so hard to create this opportunity. And to a cowardly Party executive, don’t come crying to me when the coffers are empty and an election is called.

  15. Rod Smelser says:

    Akat, I don’t see where Jim Sinclair figures in any of this. The others you mention, yes, of course, and several more, including The Corkster and his associates.

  16. Grant G says:

    Neither of you clowns have the ability to think for yourself…With you people the NDP would never win…..Try thinking outside the box….I won`t explain it to you…If you can`t figure it out …

    You never will!

  17. Rod Smelser says:

    Grant, I think I have at least as good an idea what I am talking about as you do.

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