What’s up with the warrants

As I wrote earlier today, there seem to be some missing search warrants.  It wasn’t just David Basi and Bob Virk who were the targets of RCMP searches almost seven years ago today.  Search warrants were also issued for the Pilothouse offices in Victoria, Eric Bornmann’s home office and Bruce Clark’s office and, I am told, his bank records.

Why the bank records?  To see if any money changed hands a la Bornmann.

But we can’t check that out because only the warrants related to the Basi searches were released.

I spent part of the afternoon at the courthouse trying to figure out what happened to the other warrants.  Were they released but not reported on?  Were they not part of the media application?  Were they left in some kind of limbo by the Judge?

After being referred to three different wickets and then just as I was started on a second round of the merry-go-round that is court registry for regular folks, some kind soul told me to call the Special Prosecutor’s office.  “I think the judge told the media to negotiate directly with the Special Prosecutor’s office,”  was the advice.

So my new question is, “is the special prosecutor holding up the release of all the warrants?  And if so, who does that help?”

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7 Responses to What’s up with the warrants

  1. RossK says:

    Say what?

    The SP is STILL running the show?

    And this is potentially due to an arbitrary decision of the judge?




  2. Norm Farrell says:

    You are only bringing up news that is not news in the MSM.

  3. Norm Farrell says:

    Can we expect comments on today’s Mustel poll results or shall we wait for the Tieleman spin to be applied?

  4. Grant G says:

    By all means Norm..Write a post about about Evi Mustel and her polling accuracy, including how popular the Conservatives and Green party are in her latest poll(Don`t forget to talk about Glen Robbins latest poll at SCE Research)….The knife fight needs to go on and on, go Norman Go, Go Norman Go…Rah Rah Rah….

    Meanwhile Mr. Reid….Correct, what were they searching for at bruce Clark`s home???

    Not what they found, what was on the search warrant….That is the key document.Search warrants are usually quite specific!

  5. PG says:

    Great work Ian. I am sure that the bills for future months must be full of hard work and justify the timing of releasing the warrants after 2013 or a snap election.

  6. kootcoot says:

    Those “other” warrants have been a little irritation nagging at some quiet corner of my brain as well. The only thing I can think of, other than the general attitude of “nothing to see here” as much as can be gotten away with, is something to do with warrants executed at locations that didn’t lead to charges. This of course is regardless of whether or not charges would have been warranted.

    Norm, as to:

    Can we expect comments on today’s Mustel poll results or shall we wait for the Tieleman spin to be applied?

    Maybe the person doing the graphics and scripting the prompter was on crack, but what I noticed about the Mustel Poll as presented on whichever of GlowBall or CeeTeeVee I saw them last night, was that apparently BC defies the laws of simple mathematics. The percentage favoring each of the four parties listed added up to somewhere in the vicinity of 150%. That reminds me of when I used to ride around in helicopters and watch the thrust gauge reading north of 100%, though the pilots always assured me that was normal and I am still alive.

    As I recall they displayed something like

    Liberals = 41%
    NDP = 36%
    and each of the other two mentioned (Greens and Cons) were somewhere in the 30-40% range – how do they do that? Maybe it’s a second question like suppose all the Libs and dippers died in an earthquake and all that was left were Greens and Cons, which party do you prefer then?

    Of course why anyone would use a Mustel poll for anything other than a replacement for Mother Goose or the Brothers Grimm when reading a night time story to their grandkids is beyond me!

  7. Rod Smelser says:

    Mr KootCoot, you’re happy go lucky mix of chopper recollections and the like is just so very funny. I assume your sense of humour is going to hold up well over the coming months, persumably because this is all part of a much larger, longer range plan reaching out to 2017.

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