AGT must read

Alex Tsakumis has David Basi’s memos to file, written during the BC Rail bid process and notarized and dated.  He plans to publish one or more a day.

Believe what you want but the memos add credence to the rationale that the BC Liberal government worked overtime to bring the trial to an end in order to suppress testimony and cross examination.

And on another BC Rail note:  The warrants released Monday do not cover at least three locations known to be searched under warrant:  Eric Bornmann’s home office, Pilothouse’s office in Victoria and Christy Clark’s brother, Bruce Clark.  The last search was thought to include both Clark’s office and his bank accounts.  It is not difficult to see how that could be damaging to Christy Clark’s sputtering leadership campaign.

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  1. Annie says:

    Wonder if CKNW will be covering Christy Clark’s connections to this affair? And wonder how much more can be uncovered before voters get to have their say again? The public needs to know just how tainted the Liberal government is in it’s dealings with some corporation interests. Whether it’s BC Rail or sweetheart power deals with big Liberal donors, or contracts for private health care services – the people of BC keep losing while Liberal insiders keep running off with big profits.

  2. RossK says:

    Ian it is not clear to me if we are awaiting the release of those warrants as well?

    Were they part of the media application?

    If so was their release denied by judge MacKenzie?

    Enquiring minds (and voters who may have to make a decision in a ‘snap’ election) want to know.

    (and some of us really want to know why no one will tell us…..The answers to those questions I mean)


  3. Ian says:

    Trying to figure that out today. I don’t believe they were part of the media application.

  4. RossK says:


    If they weren’t part of the original application, why the heckfire not?

    Isn’t the public interest greater served by trying to find out how Mr. Clark came to be in possession of those privileged documents than in finding out how, in excruciating detail how Mr. Aneal Basi came to receive each of the cheques and wads of cash ultimately destined for Mr. David Basi?

    I mean don’t get me wrong….figuring out where the multiple bundles of cash and cheques actually came from and when is important, it’s just that those documents are actual, you know, evidence, if real, not just imagined, alleged pay-for-play.

    Could we, the great unwashed, mount a ‘non-accredited’ media application to the Mdme. Justice?


  5. George says:

    AGT has just released the second memo…. amazing

  6. Devinder says:

    What is “memo to file” ?

  7. Kevin Logan says:

    Good Question….

    Ian have you ever written one of those…..

    But it is notarized…..


  8. Ian says:

    A memo to file is a record of an incident or problem or situation the writer was involved in.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I wondered the same thing about these memos to file, and asked some former Ministerial aids I know. Apparently they are not super common but are done as a CYA (cover your a**) exercise. What they all found strange was that he brought a lawyer in to have them notarized. I’m guessing its because he knew he was breaking the law/seriously violating ethics, and was scared.

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