What has Alex Tsakumis got?

Alex Tsakumis is promising some devastating news this week regarding Christy Clark and the BC Rail trial.

It’s well known that Clark’s campaign team and fellow travelers reads like a witness list in the Basi Virk trial:  Patrick Kinsella, Jess Ketchum, Mike MacDonald, brother Bruce Clark, ex-husband Mark Marissen, Pilothouse supremo Brian Kieran.

And it’s well known that Clark herself was a likely witness.  She had taxpayer paid legal representation at the trial in expectation of her being called.  No wonder she goes all grumpy when people raise the issue of a public inquiry.

And now Alex Tsakumis is saying he has information that might bell the cat.  What could it be?

According to the first of two affidavits filed in court by Executive Council lawyer George Copley backup tapes from 2003 and 2004 containing cabinet member emails were ordered destroyed in the month before 2009 election by an unnamed official.

Copley thought the order had been carried out and the tapes and emails were no longer available.  In a second affidavit correcting the first, the official responsible revealed that some tapes did not make it to the crematorium.  The rumour is that Clark’s emails are amongst those retained and made available to the defence through the special prosecutor and the Executive Council’s counsel.

One of the continuing mysteries which the salvaged tapes may explain is the demise of the  the “consolation prize” – aka the Roberts Bank line – which was put out to bid separately from the rest of BCR.  That bid was cancelled in the Spring of 2004 on the advice of the RCMP, who concluded the bid was compromised by high level leaks that took place after Virk and Basi were either fired or suspended.  In other words, leaks that could not have been made by either.

The other cache that has been rumoured is a week by week series of notarized memos to file, documenting who told who to do what on the file.  These memos are also rumoured to be very revealing about many politicians.

These documents may or may not be mythical.  But Tsakumis is dropping heavy hints that, like many myths, there’s at least some truth behind them.  Stay tuned.

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9 Responses to What has Alex Tsakumis got?

  1. Rod Smelser says:

    If Tsakumis does have anything on Christy that’s dynamite, will it get bigger play in the media? Or just languish in the fringes of the blogosphere?

    You may have noticed that in the fb world there are lots of people sporting Christy pics as their profile shot, people who claim to be farmland advocates and Bob Simpson people.

  2. Mark says:

    For Christy’s sake, I hope Bob’s not helping her. For the NDP’s sake, I hope he is.

  3. NA says:

    Ian did you run this post by the baker’s dozen? I don’t believe AGT is an approved source… something about him being a fascist…

  4. Rod Smelser says:

    Good point, NA. A survivor needs to pay attention to the new order of things.

  5. Brenton says:

    While I would enjoy seeing the Clark campaign disintegrate, I simply can’t believe anything that Tsakumis says.

  6. Norm Farrell says:

    You don’t have to believe any of Tsakumis’ opinions but if he presents documentary proof, will you pretend it is meaningless simply because of who brought it to the public? Face it, with the MSM reporting only approved news, whistleblowers are using the alternative media. It is the best way of getting information out to the public. Let’s be skeptical always but judge information on its particular merits.

  7. RossK says:

    It would appear that a whole bunch of folks’ spidey sense is now tingling…..

    Big time.


  8. RossK says:

    Full Search Warrants have been released….details at my place.


  9. rusty says:

    alex tsakumis is a quack journalist

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