The Gazetteer has the goods on Craig James

Oops.  Craig James’ new rules don’t work retroactively.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Why all the focus on the HST?

    It really disturbs me.

    There are a myriad of things we could be doing to improve the NDP for the real show.

    The HST recall campaigns are interesting and Moe’s plan is strategic but it seems to me it is simply a means of keeping the focus off of what matters, especially as it relates to Moe himself.

    This is the kind of thing that is going to result in the establishment of another party as peoples thirst for an alternative is left unquenched.

    And not the kind of new party that splits the right and delivers for the NDP.

    What’s it like watching is slip through your fingers all in the absence of doing the right thing and in the vain of misplaced loyalty?

    Have we not learned from times past? And no not the Doer experience but our own.

    The last time we abandoned the people in order to ‘win’ government the result was the worst defeat in the history of social democracy. The people left our party with two seats in the legislature because we abandoned their agenda and picked up the agenda of those we inherently oppose in order to gain some twisted sense of legitimacy.

    Do we not recall how they abused us in the press anyway? You dont recall Glen building a deck and as a result the Province coming to its knees or Harcourt having to fall on his sword for media hype of non issues, most not even related to him?

    The business crowd is never going to vote for us, never going to have their media write our story and never going to do anything but go on an aggressive capital strike while we are in government. Even when we implement their agenda and kiss their ass in attempt to mitigate their attack.

    Its time we grew up as a party and stood up on principle, learned from the past and took the bull by horns.

    Lets get ready to rummmble, err Govern……

  2. Rod Hebner says:

    Why all the focus on the HST ? Well, it might have to do with the fact that so many of
    us actually see it for what it is. If you don’t know what the changes are or what differences there are from when we were being taxed as PST / GST to the very much hated HST then you need to get a list of the changes from Colin Hanson as he is the Minister of Finance for this province. It amazes me as to how complacent people are in response to the HST as there are actually people out there that believe there are no
    changes and there will be no difference in what they will pay in taxation. Well, for those that are uncaring and complacent, I’d advise you to wake up and take the time to find out what the real changes will be and how those changes are going to directly affect you, your business and this province. Keep in mind, the Premier lies, this isn’t a maybe he lies, it’s a fact he has lied and as guilty of it as his driving under the influence conviction. For the Liberals, feel free to argue any points I’ve made but the lies and deception are being promoted by those that really have no real knowledge but are going on what they have been told. Let the HST facts be shown and known for all to see as it would be a simple thing for Colin Hanson with the permission of Gordon Campbell to publicly display the list of all changes in each newspaper but don’t hold your breath in seeing that happen anytime soon as it would not enhance their promotion of the HST. If the Premier and the Liberal Party received no financial gains by promoting the HST, they wouldn’t be promoting it and if there are gains to be made, I’ll let you guess who is providing those gains but in case you still refuse to see the light, it’s the taxpayers of this province. Want to avoid the HST ? You have two choices, vote NO on the referendum or move to another province which has not accepted the HST or burdened their taxpayers with it. The Liberals are blaming the NDP for the recall but I’m here to tell you, it has nothing to do with the NDP as the Liberals could have the referendum right now which would put a halt on all recalls but they choose to continue on with it and place the blame on whatever adversary they can and the NDP is the obvious one as they are in contention for winning the next election. I received a notice in my mailbox from Ida Chong and for the last and final time, I have never supported Carol James, the NDP or anyone affiliated to their party.
    I do support your recall as you and your Liberal MLA’s have supported Gordon Campbell in forcing the HST on me, my family and it’s been made clear by all the people of this province that they do not want the HST. I know you’ve been told this enough times and still you continue to use your party propoganda to blame the NDP and twist the truth. The truth is YOU, the Liberal Party and Gordon Campbell are to blame. Question is ……. ARE YOU GETTING ANY OF THIS ? or are you just wanting somebody to take the blame beside yourself ?

  3. Kevin says:

    You make good points about the tax.

    I share your concern about regressive taxation. However the NDP seems a little schizophrenic about the tax. Bob Simpson seems to think it is good public policy as do many others including our apparent mentor and recent model Dexter back east.

    Abbott who is probably the only true Liberal sitting on the BC Liberal bench and is a contender for leader based on this fact also boasts about it.

    However what I was talking about was not so much the tax itself ( I am amazed actually about taxes, Gordon Campbell became a world wide hero with a “Green” legacy by introducing a tax and then he introduces another one and it destroys him?) My point was why does the NDP bother with the HST based politics including recall versus simply opposing the tax? (I assume we oppose it despite wishing to emulate Dexter and not ever really being clear about our position on it) It seems obvious to me the HST campaign is an effort to both identify and control the opposition to the Campbell government while collecting a list of disgruntled voters to work over in the run up to the next election. Delaney has the master list and we may, through recall campaings get pertinant lists to work in key constiteuncies but that would be about it as recalling is going to be a real challenge as it was designed to be.

    The overall point is that while there is some strategical merit to involving our selves in such efforts, it seems to over look the simple fact the party is imploding.

    It is the wrong priority. The work is internal and while I agree that we need not be entirely bogged down with the efforts of dissidents, especially those that are not undertaking healthy dissonance to improve the party but instead are saboteurs, as I have said elsewhere on these pages.

    It is important that the NDP to do two things right now. Regain the confidence of the members and supporters by overcoming the current internal challenges while building the party which is why I suggested opening up an OMOV contest for leader and table officers. This would rejevunate the party based on positive developments versus continuing the downward slide based on short sighted strong arming and disciplinary measures that simply turn people off and w0rk to reinforce the undemocratic prevalance of a minority who have a steel grip on the party.

    So the HST is not going to deliver for the NDP when you consider it against the backdrop of reality and the fact that there are currently higher priorities. Moreover, the resources drained to undertake such campaigns can only be considered when coffers are full and we have spare time while gliding to government. None of which is the case.

  4. Rod Hebner says:

    The entire HST referendum, Liberal MLA Recall could be easily and entirely avoided by the Liberal Party. All they would have to do is return to the Legislature revoke the HST based on the number of signatures as provided on the HST Petition. This would eliminate the 30 million dollar HST Referendum, stop the Liberal MLA Recall Petitions
    and provide some credibility to the “listening” abilities of the Liberals when it comes to the people of this province. Instead they continue to drag it out, give us a “non binding” HST referendum and continue on with all the contraversy surrounding the HST, the recall, BC Rail, BC Casinos and whatever else that might bring their actions into question. If we can’t put a stop to all of this, please don’t condemn anyone for trying as doing nothing, saying nothing, accomplishes nothing.

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