The opposition is a small operation compared to the Liberal government.  There are almost six times as many employees in the Public Affairs bureau as there are in all of the opposition caucus.  And PAB spins for the government every minute of every day.

Add minister’s office staff, Premier’s office staff, Liberal caucus staff and assorted Liberal loyalists planted through the public service and you have an organization that is 20 times the size of the NDP organization.

That’s just the way it is.  David vs. Goliath.

David has enough on his hands without dealing with internal dissension.  This is a gift to the BC Liberals right now.  It’s using up all the time and resources and keeping the Opposition from doing it’s job.

The NDP should be killing the BC Liberals on:

  • The crooked Basi/Virk deal,
  • BC Rail in general,
  • The shadow tolls on the Sea to Sky highway,
  • The now you see it now you don’t tax break,
  • The insane re-org/dis-org of the dirt ministries,
  • The cuts to the forest ministry that prevent the ministry from doing its job as the stewards of our forests,
  • The HST morass that’s going to last for another year,
  • The disastrous year in agriculture,
  • The economy, which is slowing down and the government has no plan to address,
  • The minimum wage,
  • The disaster that is Mary Pollack and the Children’s ministry,
  • The “prosperity mine” environmental assessment process,
  • The BC Place Roof overruns and screw ups,
  • The Solicitor General’s promotion of drunk driving,
  • The inability of the Liberal party to attract any decent candidates,
  • The general lack of any backbone by any Liberal member given the disaster of the Campbell government.

And that’s just off the top of my head.

Instead the meager resources available are turned inward.  Hey NDP caucus members, it’s time to turn around and start firing outward again.  British Columbians kind of depend upon it.

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5 Responses to Time-wasting

  1. PG says:

    Fights, Cameras, Action! The NDP Provincial Council meeting.

  2. kootcoot says:

    I agree that the “The NDP should be killing the BC Liberals on:” all the things you’ve listed, but no. Adrian Dix gets up in the house (whenever that actually even sits) and barks about whatever for ONE DAY, and then it’s forgotten, but not fixed. Carole tries to make nice with the same folks that created Gordon Campbell. And that’s why there is a leadership question in the NDP.

    It will be a cold day in Hell when the plutocrats actually back the NDP, and they do it with MONEY, they don’t have the votes – but they have the money to buy the politicians, the media. No NDP government worthy of its name would ever give the greedy plutocrats everything they want (which is basically everything) – the most they would ever do is tolerate briefly an NDP regime while grooming their next puppet.

  3. kootcoot says:

    Succinctly, what I meant to say is that the NDP, under Carole has been avoiding hammering the LIEberals on all the issues you list and more for many, many years now – out of some misplaced sense of politeness or civility?

  4. Kevin says:

    That list is short and the wait for opposition has been long as Kootcoot points out.

    Without doubt there is many reasons we need to change government and the internal dissent you decry is a party fixture. However now is different than times past. All the traditional divides are bursting at the seams. Left/Right, Old Guard/New Guard, Rural/Urban, Union/Non, confused rookies/Big Ego’s.

    Its hard not to agree with you Ian but many won’t. The dissidents smell blood. Though who benefit is hard to ascertain it seems likely no one with an NDP Card will.

    As the Digital Journal writes here http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/300522 there is even confidence that Carole will be forced out amongst them. (Who writes that stuff over there anyway?)

    Carole still has an opportunity to show leadership despite having circled the wagons at PC. Nothing short of an outstanding, unprecedented crackdown that reinvigorates the dissidence versus marginalizing and denigrating them. It can be done with a few strong, decisive moves and some supporting policy versus the “sit down, shut up, send money” you have no alternative approach.

    There is murmering about alot of this dissent coming from the Joel Solomon’s Hollynaut that spiked our chances in the last election. They were called out at the time and should be again if they are the genisis. They publish your stuff – straighten em out! lol 🙂

    I honestly thought moving the leadership review up to March would have worked to strengthen Carole while building policy and keeping us in the leadership/renewal story MSM will be blathering on about for the next 6plus months. It would have also gave us options to respond to who the Liberals run. That is key. Right now they hold all the cards and a complicit media has already conveniently forgot about the last 10 years of wealth transfer policies bordering on the criminal if not criminal.

    When they run someone from the outside ( as “outside” as Carol Taylor is) we will then be the ones with “baggage.” Not only baggage but split baggage worthy of a TSA patdown.

    I fear this past weekend may have doomed the BCNDP.

    There may even be even a split…… and not the one we pray for at times like these.

    Good blog mate, and I hope your health is well.

  5. Jim Black says:

    Kootcoot, in my opinion, Carole and her MLAs have done a fine job raising all these issues. It’s not their fault you’re not paying attention. Try using Google if you don’t believe me.

    I hear this kind of complaint about Carole a lot, and it is 100% untrue. It’s perception vs reality. Part of the problem is that Carole uses a team approach. She doesn’t demand all the attention for herself, like some leaders who need their name in every news release. It is a noble approach, but does her a great disservice because it puts her MLAs out front, leaving Carole herself seemingly invisible.

    Carole needs to be greedier (in a good way) for attention, and give herself more air time instead of spreading it out among her caucus.

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