The BC Liberal Spin Cycle: Next stop HST

From Liberal Caucus to Premier’s office to liquor lobbyist to Plutonic Power and then, back to the HST office.

That’s what I call a real spin cycle.

And it’s Tom Syer’s path.  The former deputy Chief of Staff to Gordon Campbell started out as an opposition researcher with the BC Liberal Caucus in the 1990s, moved to the Premier’s Office and became Deputy Chief of Staff responsible for ensuring Cabinet Members refer to Gordon Campbell as great leader.

Syer’s next move was to follow fellow Campbell acolyte Neal Sweeney to Labatt’s as Western Canada Public Affairs Director – read lobbyist.  Labatt’s is a large BC Liberal donor, you’ll be surprised to hear.

In 2007 Syer went to work for Plutonic Power as Director of Policy and Public Affairs – read lobbyist.  Plutonic has also been know to donate huge chunks of cash to the BC Liberals.

Now he’s back serving British Columbians as the head of the HST propaganda Office.  If you’re going to go down, might as well get paid a lot.

Which makes me think – he must have been making lots o’ cash with Plutonic.  I wonder what taxpayers paid to lure him back?

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3 Responses to The BC Liberal Spin Cycle: Next stop HST

  1. Norm Farrell says:

    With these guys, it is not the salary you see that counts. The very costly transactions of influence peddling are the important ones. They are done in the shadows, without public explanation.

    For example, do we care about the salary levels of the people who committed billions and billions of BC Hydro’s dollars but make all the arrangement behind closed doors?

  2. Kim says:

    And also, every shuffle pays out a huge contract settlement.

  3. Ted says:

    its too late, syer will not be able to turn this around, the true nature of the BC Liberals has been exposed, 90 percent of the voters of BC see and acknowledge that.. they will continue to lie and manupulate to “retain power”. Dont forget, no one gives up power without a struggle, no one. thats what your seeing here, some high powered goof ball that will soon be “unemployed”

    The ordinary BC Voter can see right through this, and they have had enough.

    the Recalls Nov 15 has to begin to cut the rot from our beautiful province.

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