Gordon Campbell deceptive? Say it ain’t so

Shocked and appalled.  That’s what I am.

According to the Vancouver Sun Gordon Campbell used deceptive tax charts to support his speech Wednesday night.

“One of B.C.’s leading experts on tax policy says the charts Premier Gordon Campbell used in his TV address gave such a misleading picture of tax rates in this province that, had they been turned in by his students, he would make them do the assignment over again.

“If a student did this, I would say this is deceptive, maybe intentionally deceptive,” said Jon Kesselman, an economist with Simon Fraser University’s School of Public Policy.”

Come to think of it, I’d be more shocked if he wasn’t dishonest and deceptive.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Premier+charts+misleading+deceptive+experts/3744625/story.html#ixzz13l1AlkG8

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4 Responses to Gordon Campbell deceptive? Say it ain’t so

  1. Marc says:

    Thanks for posting this Ian and for keeping an eye on what media are doing what – and highlighting the good coverage where it exists.

    I woke up this morning to the CBC leg reporters panel – what a disappointingly hollow and lazy analysis from Jeff Davies and Stephen Smart. Christy Clark has offered better analysis and critique than these leg boys.

    We used to be able to rely on CBC for good critical analysis, but something has changed. I’m not sure the reason, but CBC’s Early Edition seems to have supplanted CanWest Global as the defacto pr machine for the BC Liberal party. I don’t suspect anything nefarious, unless laziness and shoddy journalism qualifies as nefarious.

  2. Tapped-out and Wiped out Middleclass says:

    I read the article in the Liberal Advertising Flyer (Vancouver Sun) and judging by Colin Hansen’s explanation it just proves what a bunch of lying, decieiving and immoral characters these Liberals are. What bothers me the most though is the fact that they actually believe that British Columbians can’t see through their “smoke and mirrors”.

  3. cosmicsync says:

    Yeah, I think that was Jon Kesselman I heard being “interviewed” by Philip Till this morning, ostensibly to talk about the phony charts. He bumbled and babbled for a few seconds about how he was sure it was all just an error, and that everyone on the premiere’s staff (Laura?) were working so gosh darn hard to get everything ready on time (not like they’ve been working on this stuff for months).

    Then he and Till launched in to a staunch defense of the HST and didn’t talk about the phony charts at all. Way to tackle the issue, Till!

    Lot’s of fun quotes in that Sun story … Huggie insisting they were just trying to “un-clutter” the graphs.

    “If you’re asking, did we deliberately put the baseline at $1,000 and then not put the number on it so we could create a false impression, that was not the intent,” How could anyone ever think the finance minister’s staff would do something like that? That would be dishonest.

    And my favorite: “The intent was to demonstrate graphically what the premier was saying verbally.” With a bunch of bogus charts.

    I’d say the graphs succeeded exceptionally well at demonstrating what the premier was saying.

  4. BC Mary says:

    Today — Hallowe’en — I nominated Michael Smyth for the award of Worst-Ever Column of the 21st Century. He’s claiming that G. Campbell “doesn’t get it”. Jeez. Guess who really doesn’t get it …

    Read it and be amazed: http://www.theprovince.com/news/Campbell+problem+doesn/3754222/story.html#ixzz13wnGJiZ1

    It’s apparently taken Smyth over 9 years to figure out what most BC citizens understand all too painfully well. And Smyth actually interrupts his own train of thought to reach back … way, way back … to slag the NDP as stipulated in the old CanWest Rules of the Trade.

    Next in tragedy to what happened to BC Rail, BC Hydro, BC Ferries and all, is the tragedy of what has happened to an ethical media on the West Coast.

    Big thanks to you, Ian, for The Real Story always told well, and in tune with the actualities of the day. Best wishes.

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