The Premier’s TV Address: It ain’t no fresh start.

Vaughn Palmer notes today that Monday’s cabinet shuffle and tonight’s paid-for-by-you TV speech (in the middle of the World Series) aren’t new.  In fact the Premier’s been huddled with his staff working this out for eight months.

Eight months to come up with a government reorganization that doesn’t even make sense to his own Cabinet Ministers?  Not that Bill Bennett is the sharpest knife in the drawer.

So tonight we might get to hear how the crazy government re-organization – the tenth in ten years – makes sense in the dear Leader’s mind.  Not to mention the coming experimental screw-up “reform” of BC’s education system (more on that later).

Here’s what we won’t get to hear: any answers to the real questions on voters’ minds, the questions that lead directly to 9% in the polls.

So here’s a list of the questions Campbell should, but won’t, answer:

  1. Why did Campbell lie during the election about the huge 2.8 billion deficit his government was facing?  Why did he claim it was at most $497 million when he knew that was false?
  2. Why did Campbell lie about the HST during the election?  Why did he claim it wasn’t on the government’s radar when it was?
  3. Why did he lie about the HST after the election?  Why did he claim that it was the best thing the province could do to immediately improve our economy when the government had studies that said the opposite?
  4. Why did the government hide documents that didn’t support their story on the HST for almost two years, before releasing them under FOI rules?
  5. Why did the government – contrary to government policy – pay $6 million to the defence in the BC Rail trial in order to get a deal to shut the trial down?
  6. Why did the government want to shut the BC Rail trial down?
  7. Why won’t the government release all the relevant evidence it holds relating to the BC Rail trial?
  8. Why wont’ the government call an inquiry into the corrupt BC Rail deal?
  9. When will the premier resign?

That’s just a start.  As Laila Yule has pointed out there are hundreds that need to be answered before this government can ever be trusted again.  Feel free to post your own questions for the Premier.

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3 Responses to The Premier’s TV Address: It ain’t no fresh start.

  1. Leah says:

    Here’s my question for premier Campbell:

    “Sir, will you please tell us how much we are paying each and every day/year in shadow tolls, availability payments, and maintenance payments for each of the P3 projects you’ve subjected us to without our consent? I realize it might take a week or so to get all those figures together as they’re not recorded as the debts they truly are in your style of bookkeeping…but I’m patient.

    Indeed I imagine all of BC would be patient if we were to get some truth out of you for a change – and the answer to this one, will likely bring us to our knees.”

  2. Terrence says:

    “When will the premier resign?”

    The scum-bag will never resign on his own. I think he is so stupidly arrogant and out of touch with the people of BC, that he thinks he can “weather the storm” and carry on with his lies and dishonesties. He thinks he is so much smarter and well informed than the peasants; and the Bill Goods and others in the Lame Stream Media reinforce his arrogance and delusions.

    Recall may be the only way to get him out of office before the next election. Perhaps if enough of his boot-lickers get recalled, he may see himself as a target, and leave with “dignity”. HAHA! NOT!

  3. kootcoot says:

    Why did Campbell lie about…..” (you pick any of thousands)

    Obviously a rhetorical question because the answer is clear!

    To get elected, to get re-elected and to stay out of gaol!

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