Is Campbell going to gun school boards?

Rumours of an end to locally elected school boards in favour of something similar to the six health authorities are sweeping the web.  Here’s Jonathan Ross‘ speculation.

I’d say Campbell doesn’t have anything near the political capital to pull something like this off.  Hello, recall if this is true.

Even if it’s not true there is something afoot, a major change to K-12 that’s focused on middle and high schools.

Here’s a Ministry of Education powerpoint that talks coming change.  And here’s a link to a paper that circulating through the Ministry that talks big, experimental change.

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6 Responses to Is Campbell going to gun school boards?

  1. Norm Farrell says:

    “Over schooled and under educated.” The new catch phrase justifying old style streaming to narrow access to higher education and better prepare more youngsters for the 21st century economy. “Would you like fries with that?” “May I supersize your order?

    Fewer and fewer people are happy working for $8 an hour so the Liberals want to change education to teach young people about lower expectations.

  2. Rod Smelser says:

    This surely can’t be a realistic possibility, … but then I guess we’ll know for sure starting in about ten minutes.

    I think it will be a nothing speech and the Premier’s handlers were stupid to arrange this thing, putting him out there with nothing to do except to demonstrate that the cupboard is truly bare.

  3. RossK says:

    Ian…..My impression is that Mr. Campbell has lost his nerve….He didn’t go for broke on anything….Unless you call smart start and helping Grade 4 kids read and write better(er) going for broke.


  4. Rod Smelser says:

    I think I was half right. No school board liquidation, but actually some meat to the speech, another income tax cut. For my wife and me it will be several hundred dollars, not the sort of thing people can just ignore.

    But is the giveback on income taxes equal to the $2 billion take on HST? I don’t know, but I doubt it. I am guessing that the government is surrendering about half a billion in revenue through these latest income tax cuts, but will have to see what the estimates are.

  5. Ian says:

    The cost of the tax cut is about $600-700 million. David Schreck has a good column on the distribution of that. 50% of it goes to the top 20% (ain’t it always so). The cost to taxpayers of the HST is $1.9 million.

  6. Jim Nelson says:

    There are no votes in public education. No money will be spent there. The Liberals get great mileage from talking about their commitment to education, alluding to the annual increase in per pupil funding, vilifying “the union”, and talking about accountability and “choice” (read private and charter schools)
    It’s a political no-brainer.

    The odd threat about school board consolidation keeps the ship stable and the deck hands grumbling just enough that they can be picked off with more firm but fair union vilification.
    Educators don’t vote for these guys and they know it. There is no altruism in their attitude to schools and teachers, only strategy.

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