Inside the BC Liberal Caucus with Alex Tsakumis

According to Alex Tsakumis the BC Liberal caucus is in an uproar over the Basi Virk deal that bought an end to the BC Rail trial.

“In what must be Gordon Campbell’s most difficult week in government, ever, after having been dressed down by a senior member of cabinet, for the usual autocratic meddlesomeness the Premier is famous for, now I’ve learned of the target some members of B.C. Liberal caucus painted on Attorney General Mike DeJong’s forehead earlier this week during what was described to me by one member as “the most heated caucus meeting we’ve ever had, no question about it.”

Senior members of caucus, John van Dongen and Gordy Hogg, led the barrage of questions against DeJong. The issue? Why, ‘Basi-Virk’ of course…

Apparently, no shortage of cabinet and caucus members are up in arms over the obvious deal approved by DeJong’s ministry under clear pressure from the Premier’s personal political bailiwick.

The Attorney General, as has become his trademark, played through the entire line of questioning like the Campbell apologist he has become. Pity, too, since DeJong is one of the brighter lights in caucus and not known for obfuscation and skullduggery. But in this case he skated along, Colin Hansen-style, hoping there would be an end to the questions and comments by colleagues naturally upset by the transparent effort of the B.C. government to save the Premier and his close friends, lobbyist/consultant Patrick Kinsella and CN boss David McLean from taking the stand. And all done through the office of Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino.

The only problem with the BC Liberal caucus according to Tsakumis?  They don’t have the guts to do anything about it.

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2 Responses to Inside the BC Liberal Caucus with Alex Tsakumis

  1. G.J.W. says:

    I have not one lick of respect for the, BC Liberal ministers, nor the mla’s. They out and out, supported a monster. The BC Liberals deserve everything they get. DeJong would not allow any further investigation, of Campbell’s corrupt and fraudulent sale of the BCR. The BCR was not Campbell’s to sell. He should have gone to prison, the minute he sold it. The BC Liberals are full of atrocities, towards the BC citizens. They lie, deceive, are corrupt. Campbell and Hansen, are full of hate, spite, malice, vendetta’s, and cheated to win. BC children living in poverty, the $6.00 minimum wage, are dammed near crimes against humanity….While Campbell stuffs his own wallet, and the pockets of his business buddies. Any decent person would step down to save their party. However, Campbell isn’t a Liberal, he works for Harper. We will remember Harper’s treachery against the BC people, regarding the HST come Federal election time. Hopefully, BC people watched, Campbell’s b.s. appearance on Global TV. What a load of crap.

  2. Begley says:

    Interesting timing in light of the surprise return of Paul Taylor to the Premier’s side. It would be neccessary to clear up any Basi / Virk taint on the “blabby deputy minister” before he took his rightful role as Chief of Staff. Lucky BC!! $6 million to get rid of Basi / Virk is nothing compared to the value of having Paul Taylor in the Premier’s Office. A wise choice Minster de Jong, very wise.

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