Would you buy a used tax from John Les?

Mr. HST Sales

A version of this story is available on the Vancouver Observer.

John Les is the new Parliamentary Secretary for HST information.  It’s worth an extra $15,000 a year – a little gift from the Premier to John.

Perfect, a snake oil vendor in charge of vending snake oil.  Les has an estimable record selling dubious propositions.  In fact he was recently investigated for a shady real estate deal he made while Mayor of Chilliwack.

Les wasn’t charged but the municipal official who made Les’ deal possible was – with breach of trust.  His case is still before the courts.

Here’s what Special Prosecutor Robin McFee said about John Les, our new Parliamentary Secretary for HST information.

“The RCMP investigated the processes that resulted in the creation of the Rosebank subdivision. The RCMP ascertained that in August of 1997, during his tenure as Mayor, Mr. Les entered into contracts of purchase and sale for three adjoining properties near the intersection of Rosebank Place and Camp River Road. One of these transactions involved the purchase and sale of 6.3 acres of an existing 11.2 acre farm. This farm was included within the Agricultural Land Reserve and therefore subject to the provisions of the ALCA.

“Mr. Les’ development plan, as structured, did not require any application to be made to the Agricultural Land Commission, nor any input from the Agricultural Land Commission.  Rather the approval of the subdivision vested with Mr. Grant Sanborn, the municipally appointed Approving Officer.

“When interviewed by the investigators, Mr. Les acknowledged that the goal of the Rosebank subdivision/development plan was to create “nice residential properties in the agricultural zone”. The creation of residential properties in the agricultural zone was contrary to Chilliwack’s Official Community Plan and was also contrary to the intent of the ALCA and Regulations. As such, it can be reasonably said that the Rosebank subdivision should not have been permitted to proceed.

“The Special Prosecutor concluded that the available evidence supports the conclusion that Mr. Sanborn gave Mr. Les preferential treatment in the rezoning and subdivision of these lands.”

Are you as confident as I am that we will now get the straight goods on the HST?

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5 Responses to Would you buy a used tax from John Les?

  1. Grant G says:

    Oh indeed Mr. Reid…More details on John Les and Robin McFee here.



  2. Kim says:

    Exactly as confident as you are. Why does Campbell constantly shuffle the same old not quite convicted criminals around himself? Does he think it makes him look less like a convicted criminal?

  3. Terrence says:

    This laughing stock was on Bill Good’s program this morning (from 8:30 to 9:30 am). A woman called in and said she and her family hardly go to restaurants since the HST was imposed – she said that approximately $10 extra per meal was too much of a burden. The HST Propaganda Czar dismissed her remark as “over stated”. What and ugly, stupid remark! He must have no idea of how much a meal at a restaurant can cost! If they have three of four kids, it is easy to pay an extra $10 per total meal charge.

    Another caller (maybe the same one) said her daughter lost a server job because of the reduced business. The HST Propaganda Czar said well we expected the restaurant business to take a hit.


  4. Tapped-out and Wiped out Middleclass says:

    Terrance, of course Les doesn’t have any idea how much meals cost and he doesn’t care either because you and every other taxpayer are paying for this “pig at the trough” everytime he has a meal because he more than likely puts it on his MLA expense account.

  5. Terrence says:

    Tapped-out and Wiped out Middleclass – all too true, and way to sad – “pig at the trough” is most appropriate.

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