Gary Collins, we hardly knew ya

But it looks like we’ll get to know him a lot better in the next couple of weeks.

The talk of the BC Rail trial folks is Collins will be testifying this coming week.  I heard it from a reporter who heard it from Special Prosecutor Berardino.

With Michael Boulton most of the way through his cross of BC Rail Director Brian Kenning – more on that later – Collins may be up as early as Tuesday to begin his testimony.

Expect a lot of cross-examination, starting as early as Thursday.  Here’s what I’m interested in:  What happened between the time Ken Dobell saw key cabinet documents from the police investigation to Mr. Collin’s surprise announcement weeks later that he wouldn’t be running in the 2005 election?  But that’s just one thing on a list of about 70.

Of course, as with anything in this over-plotted mystery, everything may change.

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2 Responses to Gary Collins, we hardly knew ya

  1. RossK says:

    Amongst all the other things, including every single one of those questions on that list of 70, it sure will be interesting to see how the CP handles this one.


  2. pg says:

    Ian – It is Michael Bolton not Boulton you have a typo….

    Enjoy your blog – new reader

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