Martyn Brown Does Alzheimer’s

Just back from healing up the radiation down south – hair fell out! even though they promised me my thinning strands would stay put – and had two days before my first hospital appointment so I stumbled into the greatest show in town, the BC Rail Trial.

Two days of bliss, my way.  I’m hoping the chemo that starts Friday won’t make me want to throw up and I can sit through a few more sessions in the next two weeks.  Here’s the first of a few impressions I’ve got stored up.


I can’t remember how the government responded to Canadian Pacific’s allegations…  I’m speculating on how I would have been involved in that and I would guess that I was.”

All together now: No shit, Mr. Chief of Staff to the Premier.

In an impassioned plea Martyn Brown today claimed at the Basi Virk trial that rememberin’ is tough for a guy like him.  And while he’s trying to be honest and forthcoming there’s lots of issues, lots of people and lots and lots of meetings so unless they’re really, really important you have to forget everything you ever knew by the very next day just to leave some emptiness among the brain cells for the next round of issues, people and meetings.

Geez.  Just like Bob Halderman.

The fantastic ‘this train of thought reminds me of the last time I did acid in 1973’ quote above came during Brown’s discussion of the Charles Rivers Interim Report, a mighty flattering piece of work that outlines the very, no highly, most honest process ever undertaken to corruptly honestly sell a billion dollar public asset – at least since the Pakistani steel factory scandal process.

Brown, surprising the heck out of everyone in the courtroom late in the day, claimed not to remember the specifics of the whole Charles Rivers/CP withdrawal issue nor how he personally stick-handled the leak process.  But he could, yer honour, speculate on how he might have done so.  And it’s clear that a report as good and wholesome as the Charles Rivers Interim Report must have, nay should have been leaked released because something with that much ‘whole milk and babies’ goodness had to get out to show the public just how honest every last person in the Premier’s office is – everyone except the naysayers who never did get it – the honesty thing – anyway.

And if you think the ‘interim report’ that was leaked released was dishonest because it didn’t include the perceptions of anyone bidding nor the complaints by CP that the process was fixed in favour of CN or suffered from the fact that the government prevented employees from meeting with Charles Rivers Inc. and had all the bad parts excised anyway then you’re just one of those negative nellies that can’t be satisfied everywhichway (isn’t that the code name of the RCMP investigation?).

So no, Brown can’t remember how all this came to be but he can speculate and when he speculates he naturally arrives at the only conclusion possible:  War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength and, above all, the BC Liberals know best.

Unless of course he’s sort of spinning about not remembering.  All of which will be revealed in the fullness of time or a ten month trial.

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3 Responses to Martyn Brown Does Alzheimer’s

  1. Norm Farrell says:

    If you return to the trial, you won’t know if it is the chemo or the testimony that makes you want to throw-up.

  2. Does he know about Kash onagain offagain or did he miss that too? Good luck tomorrow. I am sure you have a lovely head!
    Hey as to trip planning – here it is. Fly into Dehli, car to Agra, train to Rathambore National Park to hopefully see tigers, Udaipur, Jaipur, ,Bikaner or Jalimar then fly down to Goa. So a little northern tour of Rajastan. Simple loop. Dropped Darjheeling and Kolcatta (Cate says we are saving that for our next trip without the kids!!??). hugs

  3. RossK says:


    That trip is WITH kids?



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