Dishonesty is The Best Policy

I love an honest government supporter.  So rare these days.

Colin Genders of Chilliwack spills the beans in the Vancouver Sun this morning.  First he restates the ridiculous notion cast about by the anti-hst forces that the Liberals should have told the truth during the election.  “The rational” he says with a large measure of incredulity,  “apparently goes that the B.C. Liberal Party should have advised the electorate, before the last election, of its plan to move to the HST”.

Shocking, I know.  And here’s why.  You know what would have happened…  but I should let Mr. Genders tell the tale himself.

“To do so would, of course, have virtually ensured that the New Democratic Party would have won the election, thus ensuring a socialist government, opposed to business and sympathetic to labour unions, at a time of major economic uncertainty.”

God forbid.  An honest result – you can see why that must be prevented at all cost.

Thank God they don’t have an army… yet.

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2 Responses to Dishonesty is The Best Policy

  1. Norm Farrell says:

    Ian, I’m guessing that was you pulling Colin Hansen back into the real world at the Globe & Mail forum after he claimed that all the correspondence between the province and the feds had been made available under FOI. All of it, that is, except for the parts covered by the redacting pencil. which concealed more than it revealed.

  2. RossK says:

    Hey Norman.

    Can’t pencil marks, even those made by redacting pencils, be erased?


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