Oops, They Did It Again

A few weeks ago I took the Vancouver Sun to task for hiding the fact that one of its op-ed writers was a paid lobbyist on the issue he was writing about. To their credit they published parts of my letter noting Mr. Enemark’s real interests in the matter at hand (handing rural businesses another big tax break).

You learn from your mistakes, right? Not so much when it comes to the Vancouver Sun. Like any ordinary serial offender they were back at it Saturday with a column attacking Vision Vancouver and Mayor Robertson. The column was written by those two ordinary Joes, Mike Klassen and Daniel Fontaine, who according to the Sun “write about city politics at CityCaucus.com”.

Except for those who know of them, Mike and Danny “write about politics at CityCaucus” much in the same way as Sarah Palin speaks about politics to teapartiers, or Rahim Jaffer pitches to politicians or Colin Hansen disassembles about politics to anyone who will still listen… With a fair bit of arguably important backstory.

Here’s Mike and Danny’s backstory.  Mike Klassen, campaign manager for Colin Hansen, was a key member of Sam Sullivan’s campaign team and was rewarded by the  NPA council with a plum patronage position on the Vancouver Planning Commission.  Daniel Fontaine, came from the ranks of BC Liberal ministerial assistants to be Sullivan’s chief of staff.  In other words, they work for the other side.

Now I think it’s okay that the other side gets to write an op-ed in the Sun.  That’s what op-eds are for.  Although in the case of the Sun, it’s also what their news section is for.  But at least in this case we got a clever headline that was way above the usual talent displayed on those pages.  But tell us it’s the other side.  That’s what op-ed editors are for.

Or treat both sides the same.  Here are some suggestions for future op-ed bylines, free of charge – we all know the Sun is in receivership – Jim Sinclair, another guy from Burnaby; Carole James, Victoria working mom; Rafe Mair, mad flyfisher.  And then there’s me.  Here’s how I’d like my byline to appear in those hallowed pages – Ian Reid, Renaissance man, never heard of the NDP.

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4 Responses to Oops, They Did It Again

  1. jealousattherock says:

    smiles for me, thanks renaissance man!

  2. RossK says:

    New one for you Ian….

    Carole Taylor, Tax Hater.



  3. Rod Smelser says:

    Daniel Fontaine worked for the Federal Govt before working for MLA Colin Hansen, and moved directly from his Employment and Immigration job in the regional Executive Suite to a position with Mr Hansen’s MLA establishment.

  4. Shamus says:

    Would that it were just the Vancouver Sun:

    “Michael Geller, a planning and development consultant in Vancouver, said one big question is whether the city will ever be paid the $193 million it’s owed for the land.

    “It’s a very good development and I’m quite confident that the city will get the balance of the outstanding loan,” he said.

    “What I don’t know, and I don’t think any of us yet know, is whether or not the city will get the balance of the land payment, which was an extremely large sum of money.””
    – CBC.ca: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/05/15/bc-olympic-village- condos-sale.html#ixzz0o7kj2zn3

    Perhaps not a rabid partisan like many former NPA candidates, but certainly not ONLY a “planning and development consultant in Vancouver” when it pertains to commenting on City Council affairs.

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