The NPA Needs You

To help them find a new name.  According to Colin Hansen’s campaign manager over at City Caucus, the NPA is looking for a new name.   But under the new name search rules you have to keep the NPA initials.  That would rule out my suggestion, The New Same Old NPA Just Disguised A Bit Association.

Any bright ideas?  Come on, help them out.  Here are the rules:

Be it resolved that the Board of Directors of the NPA be directed to constitute a Special Review Committee.

[1] The Committee shall review the name of the Non Partisan Association and recommend alternative names for consideration by the membership;  such names should preferably retain the ‘NPA’ initials while helping to position the NPA as a group of forward-looking people working toward a better Vancouver;


Mathew Hinton has chimed in from Facebook and I haven’t a clue how to link it here.  So here are Mathew’s suggestions:

1. No Plebes Allowed

2. Notoriously Plutocratic Association

3. Nasty People Aggregated

In the interests of up-to-date but honest marketing I like #3

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