Friday Dump

Yikes.  PAB folk, I didn’t mean take me literally about the Friday dump.

So today’s winner is the Liberal insider and pretty much a lobbyist T. Richard Turner who takes advantage of the Kinsella Loophole to avoid scrutiny under the Lobbyist Registry Act.

That loophole, for those who don’t remember how Patrick Kinsella escaped the law, made sure no one had any authority to investigate breaches or enforce compliance with the law.  Thinking ahead, the Attorney General made sure to maintain that loophole in the newly amended act.

The result?  There was no real Lobbyist Registry Act prior to last year.  Poor schmucks who took it seriously and actually registered.

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  1. RossK says:


    In an effort to dilute the PAB’s desired effects of DocuDump Friday…..The ‘Marathon To Promote Paragon’ (until at least Monday) has begun!


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