Fox News, Vancouver Style

Is there a more wretched newspaper than the Vancouver Sun?

That’s not a rhetorical question.  It’s one sparked by an attempt to read about the HST rally yesterday evening in Point Grey.

I used to work for Darlene Marzari, Point Grey’s fantastic MLA from 1986 to 2005 and I’m interested in how the whole HST thing is going down there so I turned to the Sun – on-line – this morning to read about the HST kick-off.

Except they didn’t cover it.  An issue that’s got up to 80% of British Columbians fighting mad at the Campbell government;  A tax transfer that loads an extra $2 billion a year on the backs of individual taxpayers;  A tax that coming on top of dollar parity will harm significant economic sectors like tourism and hospitality; not covered except for a purloined piece from yesterday’s Times Colonist that didn’t make the printed version of the paper and an historical survey of Campbell’s changing position on referenda legislation by Palmer.


I don’t blame the by-liners.  There are a lot of talented writers over there – although you don’t generally get to see their best stuff till they leave.  Think of Frances Bula who broke the Millenium story as a new freelancer for the Globe after she took the Sun’s buy-out.

But the management sure sucks – I remember when a senior editor was married to the head of PAB and nobody over there saw the conflict.

In the last few weeks, the small on-line site Public Eye has broken more interesting stories about the government than the Sun has since I don’t know when.  And then there’s the Tyee’s series on private power projects.  More enlightening than anything Scott Simpson’s written in years.

The Vancouver Sun: Would it make any difference in your life if it died?  Not mine.

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  2. Norm Farrell says:

    Don’t suppose Canwest Global newspapers and TV have an agenda that explains it, eh? Ian Haysom, that prized investigative journalist who is news director for Global News in BC writes a regular column. The last few items include, listing back from the current one, whether Ricky Martin’s music will be affected by coming out, how we should remember the resurrected Jesús, memories of Davey Crockett and the cowboys and golfing in Arizona.

  3. RossK says:

    Would it make a difference?

    Actually, I think it might – especially if it did for Mr. Palmer what the buy-out did for Ms. Bula.


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