No Olympic Bounce For Campbell Libs

The lead from the Angus Reid Strategies news release:

[VANCOUVER – Mar. 19, 2010] – The Vancouver Winter Olympics did not provide the governing BC Liberals with a huge jump in support across British Columbia, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found.

NDP up by 8 points, Greens up a bit, Campbell continues to trail the devil in net positives. Buried in the poll – 66% of British Columbians want a new government.  The poll was taken March 15-17, right after the Olympics.  It is hard to imagine a better window for the Liberals, except maybe the last 15 minutes of the Canada/US hockey game and that’s only because no one would answer.

I love the 13% who would vote Liberal despite their belief that they are an awful government.  That must be an over-sample of the Sun Editorial staff or maybe it’s Bill Good participating from 48 computers.

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