Barry Penner: War is Peace

“Orwellian:  The political manipulation of language, by obfuscation, e.g. WAR IS PEACE. Using language to obfuscate meaning or to reduce and eliminate ideas and their meanings that are deemed dangerous to its authority”.

“With B.C. preparing for the upcoming summer season, the Ministry of Environment is taking steps to continue providing quality camping experiences…  Environment Minister Barry Penner also said as a result of increasing operating costs for BC Parks, combined user fees for camping will increase between $1 and $6 for basic camping sites.”

Except none of the new park fees will go to parks.  It will all go to general revenue.  In fact, the BC Liberals are cutting funding for parks by about 10%.

So here’s what an honest minister would have said:  We’re cutting park services and raising fees.  Parks and the people who use them aren’t a priority. Or as Rob Fleming put it:  people are “getting charged more for a parks system that’s never been in worse shape.”

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  1. RossK says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this Ian – I’d missed it.

    Comment now up at my place.

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